Sentiment Tracking 

Web Publishers And Bloggers

1) Quickly add social-media network like sentiment tracking to your web pages

1) Clap, up/down, happy/sad, informative/uninformative emoticon tracking

1) Star and likely to recommend counts

1) Single question surveys

1) A dashboard for reviewing your visitor sentiment


It’s FREE for now. At some point we will charge based on volume and capability. But, there will always be a free tier.

As a free service, all publishers are on the same platform. High volumes of use by a single publisher that negatively impact the experience of others may require that we impose limitations.

The service is designed for collecting sentiment on pages or features on pages, not high volume posts and comments. If you are using more than 100 emotisigns on your property, contact [email protected] to discuss a custom solution.


Just provide us with some contact info to create an account.

Privacy Policy Summary

Consumers and Website Visitors

It’s simple. We do not collect and store personnaly identifiable information. We track device fingerprints to help ensure the integrity of sentiment tracking. We have no way of tracing this back to particular individuals.

Website Publishers and Bloggers

We associate your email address with personally identifiable information such as your name, company (optional), role (optional), phone (optional) and data required to deliver our service for you. Optional information is deleted within 90 days of account inactivity.

We will use your email address or phone to communicate with you about the operations of the service.

We may make use of your email address for marketing communications to you about our services or the services of others. You will have the ability to opt-out of these communications if and when we decide to employ them.

Of course, you can also review our detailed privacy policy.

Our authentication relies on AuthUse which sets cookies for non-advertising purposes.

Terms and Conditions

Publishers will be asked to accept our terms and conditions before they can use our service.